Transumbilical Breast Augmentation | Breast Implants at Boris Cosmetic


Hey everyone this is Dr. Boris and I’m going to do a transumbilical breast augmentation – breast enlargement through the belly button on this young girl. She’s really gonna go 425cc. I think it’s going to be a beautiful home run, she’s gonna look amazing and you’ll see it happen right in front of you. We’re gonna start now!

Preparation for the implants

So I’ve just made my incision in the belly button under the upper lip of the belly button, and I’m just parallel to the skin, so that’s my entrance for the transumbilical. Now what I’m going to do, I’m just gonna go parallel under the skin to the breast and now go under the breast, under the pectoralis muscle to make my tunnel.

So here we go, see I’m going down to the breast, lift up the muscle, and I will go under the muscle. See I’m taking the muscle-up, I’m gonna do it on the other side.

So I’m going to do the same thing on the right side, parallel to the skin, just under the skin, I’m sneaking to the breast tissue you see, you see I’m sneaking up to the breast lifting up the muscle, I’m gonna go under the muscle which I’m at now, under the breast. So I’ve made my tunnel now I’m gonna make my pocket.

Creating the pockets and placing the implants

The pocket for the implant is going to be under the breasts, under the pectoralis muscle, and up on top of the rib cage. That’s what we do right now. Ready? Here we go.

We’re gonna go under here take through the tunnel and I’m lifting up the breasts and the muscle down to the base of the breast and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do to on that side.  Let me do it on the other side now, I’m gonna follow the tunnel under the breast, under the muscle and I’m gonna go down, down, down right here to the base of the breast on the side.

So I made my tunnel, what I have to do now is to put the implants in. Okay so I’m putting in the implant, I’ll do it on the left side first. The implant is rolled up like a cigar, deflated of air and everything and we impale it. I’m gonna insinuate it through the tunnel and I’m going to go up to the breasts and that’s it.

Filling up the implants

Now I just gonna have to build the implant with the fluid for 425CC and you gonna have beautiful breast implants. It’s all coming out of a bag, a saline bag going through the tube into a syringe, a 60CC syringe and so I’m going to go to 425 CC. We load up the syringe seven times to get 420cc and after that, another 5cc.

It is redirected once it’s in the syringe into the tubing, into the breast and that’s how it fills it is to the breast 425. The tubing is still attached and you can feel and look at it. It is the tether like on it, pull harder it’s gonna snap out of the implant, and the implant self-seals.

Again the implant that’s implanted wrapped up or rolled up like a cigar and impaled in this instrument and with this instrument and I’m going to insinuate it directly into the pocket through the tunnel, which I just did and now we take fluid to fill up the implant.

Advantages of a transumbilical breast augmentation

I like this procedure for so many reasons, one is without cuts or scars around the breast, you don’t have to worry about loss of sensation or cutting it to the breast, so the mammograms and breastfeeding will be normal as unimpaired because we’re simply going under the muscle and the breast tissue is above the muscle so you’re not cutting the muscles so people wake up and have the same strength. Ahead with a little sleep, recovery is typically one or two days.

I’ve had again about a lot of patients who are single, got married, and never told their husbands that they have breast implants because they look and they feel very natural. You know they asked me you have to change this? This is not silicone, this is saline and so with the rigid years only can look amazing, you don’t have to take them out.

So we’re gonna pull out when you get tubing out from the implant and as they pull it you hear a snap. Here you go and so it self-seals and you can see it’s nicely under the muscle being tented up!

Now wake her up!