Fascinating Results After a Transumbilical Breast Augmentation


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Hey everyone, good morning it’s Dr. George Boris and I’m gonna be doing a transumbilical breast augmentation – breast enlargement through the belly button. We’re just going to go into the belly button inside, so whatever we do will disappear, no one will see it inside the belly. It’s a simple procedure, it’s under the skin, under the muscle.

How to place breast implants

We put the implants under the muscle so I’m gonna do some markings to point myself, my own benefit where the track is going to be created, with a tunnel parallel to the skin, under the skin. I’m going to go in this direction and then once I create the tunnel I’m going to create a pocket for the implant. The pocket will be from, in her case, 70 cm down from the arrowhead where the inframammary fold would be in her case.

We’re going to create that pocket once we make the tunnel and then we put antibiotics into the pocket, we put the implant into the pocket and she’s going to look amazing. So that’s what we’re gonna do today!

Process of inserting the implants

What I’m doing now is I am just parallel to the skin under the skin, I’m inside the belly button area with the upper lip of the belly button here and I’m just under it and I just created my incision. Now I’m gonna make a tunnel going to the breast area here, you see me sneaking just under the skin with the instrument.

Now I’m under the breast and under the muscle and tenting up the muscle – the pectoralis muscle and under the breast and I am gonna do the other side now. I am tinting the skin here under the breast, under the muscle. I’m tenting up the muscle now and I’m going to create my pocket and to do that I follow the track or tunnel. I’m under the breast, under the muscle, and lifting up the breast and a muscle from the ribcage, on top of the ribcage to the base right here, then I’m going to do that on the other side.

I’m creating my pocket for the implant. There you go! I’m under the muscle under the breast and I’m coming down right to the base of the breast. Here is my implant rolled up, deflated, and all the air is taken out of it, it rolled like a cigar, impaled onto the instrument as I’m going to use to insinuate it to bring it up to the pocket through the tunnel.

Finishing up the procedure

The only thing I have to do is pull out the tubing from the implant. Literal pop, yeah now the implant is self-sealed. Okay so now on the left side, we have the implant impaled to the instrument, rolled up like a cigar and we’re just gonna sneak it in right to the pocket, as we did nicely and now I am just gonna blow it up.

Now, so we’ve filled up both sides with 25 CCS saline the implants are under the muscle, and in time they’ll settle, it becomes very teardrop even though they’re very pretty now. What we need to do now is just sew the little incision we made with the double stitches – dissolvable stitches and we’re done.

Wake up patient, recovery room for half an hour and she can go home.