As we age the skin around the neck becomes loose, and as a result the skin looses most of it’s elasticity leaving a droopy appearance. Neck lift cosmetic surgery can give you a tighter, firmer, smoother looking neck with a more youthful appearance. Neck lift surgery (platysmaplasty) is a procedure that corrects sagging, loose, wrinkled necklines by firming the muscle between the collarbone and the jaw and includes liposcutioning of the neck.

The board certified doctors at Boris Cosmetic can complete a neck lift procedure in about 60 to 90 minutes on an outpatient basis at the our center. The surgery begins with the exact placement of the incision in under the chin. The incision is placed under the chin and scars are barely visible. Through this incision liposuction is performed and the loose muscles of the neck are tightened to re-establish neck contour. This procedure is normally performed with sedation anesthesia. A neck-lift is sometimes combined with other facial cosmetic procedures such as a chin implant or facelift to establish a more harmonious facial contour.

Most patients can go back to work after one week, however many patients are doing normal routine activities within the first few days (except exercise). The neck is very sensitive, and a certain degree of swelling and bruising is to be expected. A head wrap is worn for the first 24 hours after surgery and a head band is encouraged for the first post-operative week.

Most patients who have the neck lift surgery rave on how they feel years younger while achieving more self-confidence.