Neck Lift

On the delicate skin of the neck, age-related manifestations become noticeable early.

The skin in this area gradually loses its firmness and becomes flabby and wrinkled. Signs of natural aging are especially evident after 50-55 years of age, some people start the process earlier, others a little later.

Fading neck skin needs a more effective tool than firming creams, no matter what miracles they promise. No one cream with a strong firming effect can remove excess skin and tighten up fading skin.

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Therefore, if the reflection in the mirror causes sadness, the best solution is to take advantage of the possibilities of modern plastic surgery and do a neck lift.

Who Needs a Neck Lift?

This surgery helps get rid of such flaws as:

  • Double chin.
  • “Swollen”, the indistinct contour of the neck and face.
  • Flabby, sagging, stretched skin on the neck.
  • Fatty rolls and folds on the neck and chin.
  • Deep furrows in the corners of the mouth.

After this surgery, the patient looks 10-15 years younger. Age-related changes are corrected in three directions: in addition to skin tightening, facial volume is restored, including in the cheekbone area, the correct positioning of eyebrows, eye corners, and lips is observed.

How Does The Surgery go?

A neck lift can be combined with a facelift. Your plastic surgeon can best determine which surgery is ideal for you.

Neck plastic surgery can take many forms, so different degrees of surgery are required for neck rejuvenation. Among other things, your doctor will show you where the incision will be made and how much skin will likely have to be removed. After the consultation, you will have a clearer understanding of the progress and results of the planned surgery.

Sometimes we are talking about a neck lift as part of a facelift or a surgical correction of the deep structures of the neck. The complexity of the surgery depends on this, as well as the type of anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision according to the chosen method under the chin, or behind the ears, or in both areas.

After removing the excess skin, the surgeon sews up the wounds with self-absorbable sutures.

No visible scars are left behind. Thin scars will remain aesthetically hidden. Facial and neck wounds heal very well because they are better supplied with blood than other parts of the body.

Recovery From Surgery

If your neck surgery is performed under local anesthesia, you leave the clinic the same day. After general anesthesia, short-term hospitalization is required for one or more nights at the surgeon’s discretion. You will be well-rested and your doctor will examine you in the early stages of healing.

After that, give yourself a few days of rest and do not overload yourself with anything, let the skin recover quietly.

For two weeks, you will wear a special elastic bandage. Try not to take it off, as it plays an important role in postoperative rehabilitation.

Remember that no surgery is without bruises and swelling, which are a natural reaction of the body, so be prepared for that. After neck surgery, bruises and swellings will disappear in about two weeks. Most of the time they will remain hidden under an elastic bandage.

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