Pregnancy and childbirth is an important and wonderful stage in a woman’s life. The only thing that in most cases overshadows this joyful event is unwanted changes in the body.

This is one of the cases when physical activity and diets don’t help in changing body’s shape, but can even harm. Immediately after the childbirth and for the next 6 to 12months, a new mommy needs plenty of rest and balanced nutrition. In addition, many new mommies don’t have enough time or energy for workouts; caring for a newborn takes their full attention almost all of their time. 

There is one more important point that women should take into consideration. Regardless of how active a woman was before and during pregnancy, sometimes the changes in the shape of her body are so significant that they can only be eliminated by the methods of plastic surgery, especially shortly after the childbirth and with predictable results.

This is exactly what the comprehensive “Mommy Makeover” program is created to do.

What does the “Mommy Makeover” include?

This is a set of procedures aimed at restoring the body after childbirth.

It is not a cookie cutter, same standard set of procedures for every mommy. Each body reacts differently to the changes after childbirth. But most often this is a surgery  that involves parallel or sequential execution of several surgical interventions.

Tummy tuck

It is obvious that the tummy is the weakest point on the body of a woman in labor. During pregnancy, it stretches, almost to the limit, and after the childbirth, it abruptly deflates. Therefore, it is quite difficult for the body to immediately remove all the consequences. 

In addition, pregnancy can lead to partial separation of the abdominal muscles, or, scientifically speaking, diastasis recti. As a result, the midline abdominal muscles become thinner, softer and spread out to the sides. This can lead to sagging or wrinkling.

Surgery can help to manage such consequences by re-tightening the muscles and removing excess skin during abdominoplasty.

Breast augmentation and lift

The second part of the body that is negatively affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding is the breast. During pregnancy, increased hormone levels change both the size and the shape of the breasts. 

A breast lift or mastopexy can remove excess skin and restore the youthful, toned appearance of saggy breasts. Plastic surgery will also help those whose mammary nipples remain excessively large. The surgeon can reduce them to a more manageable size.

Some women take the opportunity to increase their bust size with breast implants, giving them the figure they may have always wanted without the need for additional post-operative rehabilitation.

Why should you choose our clinic? 

Our board certified surgeons will work with you to design a single surgery that will address all of your post-pregnancy needs. As a team of board certified surgeons, we work together to do the mommy makeover procedure safely, in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Our team is trained to help you with mommy makeover surgery, planning, and recovery.