Invisible Breast Lift

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Hello everybody, I’m here with a follow-up patient. This is a patient on that we did a breast lift approximately it was two months ago. She’s doing really well and I just wanted to show you the results. Actually, it’s about three months now!

About the Patient

This is a patient, she had her implants placed about ten years ago. Her breasts really sagged after that, she was having some back pain, and some neck pain so what we did is we changed the implants out. Actually, we put smaller implants in and then did a breast lift. You can see the different angles that we have here. And then this is the immediate right on the table picture, right when I finished the surgery.

The Breast Lift Results

Now we’re gonna look at her again two months again out from our breast lift and our implant in exchange. You can see how beautiful the breasts are, again these incisions are only two months out and they’re already really starting to fade, really thin, so after a couple more months they’re really gonna become almost invisible. The nipples are pointing out, perfectly the breasts are set beautifully, they’re not dropping away below her fold her,e and they’re still nice and full even though we put a smaller implant.

She looks absolutely beautiful! So we’re doing really good, her pain is gone, the breasts are beautiful, doesn’t even need to wear a bra anymore because they’re so perfect but that’s it!