The face is the basis of a person’s attractiveness. Therefore, facial surgery plays an important role in correcting birth defects, repairing the effects of trauma, and slowing down age-related changes. Facial surgery combines a series of procedures to reshape your face, restore hair growth and improve skin quality, giving you back attractiveness and confidence.

Depending on the area of correction, the following plastic surgeries are performed at the clinic:

Brow and Forehead Lift

Surgery to correct drooping eyebrows, smoothing forehead wrinkles, making the upper part of the face more youthful.

Male Face and Neck Lift

A complex of operations that allows men to look young and handsome. Procedures aim to smooth out deep wrinkles on the face and neck, on the forehead, around the eyes, and in the nasolabial area.

Hair Restoration

This is an effective procedure to restore hair growth on the scalp in areas where hair loss is actively occurring or has already occurred, resulting in baldness.

Facial Implants

Surgery to place implants – special molds of silicone or other materials that are placed in the chin, cheekbones, or lower jaw to improve facial contouring.

Eyelid Surgery

A procedure that significantly reduces wrinkles around the eyes, allows you to get rid of puffiness around them, to return an open and fresh look, and you – a sense of your own attractiveness.


One of the most popular plastic surgeries, aimed at correcting the shape or size of the nose. Rhinoplasty is performed not only for aesthetic reasons but also for functional ones, to correct nasal breathing problems.

Face Lift

A procedure that can correct practically all age-related changes. During the surgery, the skin of the face is corrected and excess skin and fatty tissue are removed.

Neck Lift

Surgery to lift the neck muscles, which allows the patient to get rid of excess fatty tissue and sagging, remove double chin, as well as rejuvenate the skin of the neck area.

The success of plastic surgery depends entirely on the experience and skill of the plastic surgeon. Doctors at Boris Cosmetic use the latest equipment to assess the condition of the skin, muscle tissue, and identify the appropriate extent of surgery, ensuring you the best results.