Dimples in these cheeks are anything but cute, but don’t throw away your mini in despair. Eliminate orange peel skin and give cottage cheese thighs the kiss off with the only treatment that successfully reduces cellulite. Endermologie cellulite treatment is a mechanical massage designed to improve skin tone, contour the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Endorsed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Endermologie produces amazing results that even liposuction can’t achieve.

For optimum results, a series is recommended.

Endorsed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Endermologie is a patented process scientifically proven to reduce cellulite. Independent studies have shown effectiveness and sustained effects at six months with Endermologie.

What does Endermologie do?
• Reduces the appearance of cellulite
• Sculpts curves and streamlines your shape
• Minimizes fatty areas of your body where exercise and diet will not
• Improves blood and lymph flow throughout your body
• Relieves muscle spasms, soreness, minor aches and pains
• Helps alleviate discomfort from restless leg syndrome
• Exfoliates and smoothes skin
• Maximizes results before and after liposuction surgery