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Breast Implant Replacement & Liposuction Full Surgery

Breast Implant Replacement and Liposuction Full Surgery at Boris Cosmetic
Table of Contents

Good morning everyone this is Dr. George Boris and that is my first case – we have three today. The first one is going to be removal – replacement with silicone implants.

The Implant Replacement

The Issues with Silicone Implants

The lady we had ten years ago surgery had breast augmentation and got deflation on the right side and it’s very rare but it can happen. When it happens typically it’s like a trip, you can come in here and we can do that from the belly button and put another one in and an hour later you’re done. You leave, it’s not a big deal and you don’t need to have incisions but she wants to go with silicone.

She just has I guess a lot of friends with silicone, she requested silicone. So even though it feels like silicone and looks really natural on the left side which is good so we’re going to give her some and also if you want liposuction. Yet ten years ago she had at the same time a tummy tuck but want some liposuction. So we’re gonna do that too.

The Procedure

She requested we make an incision in the areola skin area injunction positions where we’re at now. I have posted down below, you know, decided that you know she was pretty smooth skin. They were what? Four seventy-fives? – 450! Yeah, 450 Silicone. With silicone implant, we put in Keller Funnel. This is called Keller Funnel, it’s used since it’s much easy to put in, just to stick it in.

The Liposuction

About Tumescent Fluid

Right now I’m putting in the tumescent fluid, that fluid that is a vehicle for the fat to come out. When the fat comes out it comes out pretty white – pretty yellow or gray-blue blood because this fluid has epinephrine in it and that really cuts down on the bleeding. It really cuts down all the vessels and so everything that comes out so there’s not a lot of blood loss during this procedure.

About the Procedure

So it’s safe to take out fat and the patient has typically one a day of recovery. It’s really a nice full-stop recovery. You know when you have a lipo it is just an internal vacuum cleaner just under the skin, we don’t go into the abdomen, in the abdominal cavity and it’s just really basically taking out the fat just under the skin. That’s where most of the fat seems to be. So you can now see when we take out the tumescent fluid with fat, the fat just came out very white. That’s the beauty of using tumescent solution its first yourself and this is a standard of care that every doctor does in this place.

I turn on the side so I can do both the side to get the fat also in the back and I’m putting now the tumescent fluid in. What we are doing, we’ve already taken out two liters – 2000 cc’s of fat and working on the side and front but so things would be a little really good. You’ll see the contour really takes a few minutes.

So we did the other side, the last one, and you see how we have bulge here so she had a big wad of left handle it going extending really like a bulge all around the other side and I took it out take and got really nice contour. We took about 4,000 CCS of fat already.