Tummy Tuck

A tucked-up flat tummy is already an integral part of a beautiful attractive figure and an important component of a sexy look. But due to age, weight loss, hormonal changes or childbirth, the tummy loses its beautiful shape. Unfortunately, physical exercises and diets don’t always give the desired result.

Photo of a Tape Measure on a Person's Waist

Surgery Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty will help to get rid of the sagging abdomen. It has become one of the most popular procedures around the world in recent years.

Thanks to abdominoplasty, you can not only tuck-up your tummy back, but also create a slim waist, giving your figure a truly graceful contour.

Types of Tummy tucks

The choice of technique is influenced, first of all, by the condition of the abdominal tissues and the surgeon’s vision. All tummy tuck surgeries can be divided into three types: classic tummy tuck, mini abdominoplasty and endoscopic abdominoplasty.

The first option involves the most extensive intervention with the removal of a flap of skin, subcutaneous fat and relocation of the navel. This is the most common way that abdominoplasty is performed.

The other two types, mini abdominoplasty and endoscopic abdominoplasty, are intended for more localized corrections.

Who is a good candidate for a Tummy tuck? 

Most often, the procedure for a tummy tuck comes in the following cases:

  • postpartum stretch marks;
  • excess skin after drastic weight loss;
  • diastasis of abdominis muscles, which occurs mainly in women who have given birth;
  • postoperative deformities as a result of the elimination of hernias, caesarean section and other interventions.

Abdominoplasty is performed on both women and men. Our board-certified doctors at Boris Cosmetic can help you achieve your desired body image as we have performed countless number of procedures with excellent results.

The results of a Tummy tuck

The effect of abdominoplasty is impressive, it isn’t for nothing that this procedure has remained one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries in recent years.

It gets rid of excess sagging skin, stretching of the skin and fatty tissues, flabbiness and restores the abdominal muscular corset. The results of this procedure are constant, unless there has been a large increase in body weight or pregnancy during this period.